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Crop Commissions to fund wheat research

Crop Commissions to fund wheat research

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Alberta Wheat Commission and its Saskatchewan counterpart will spend $1.6 million over three years on seven wheat research projects. These include stripe rust surveillance to improve resistance in regional wheat varieties, developing a reliable method of gene editing in wheat to simplify the breeding process, and improving nitrogen use efficiency. Other research will look […] Read more

practicing crop rotation in a field

Tight rotations may not harm canola yields — but soil health suffers

A long-term study on diversity in rotations produced some surprises, but the benefits were also clear

Reading Time: 3 minutes Brian Beres wasn’t surprised to find more diverse rotations increase cereal grain yields, improve soil health, and increase microbial biomass. What surprised him was how canola fared under tight rotations. Quite well, as a matter of fact. “It was surprising to see that canola didn’t respond to diversity if you looked at crop response variables […] Read more

cattle grazing corn in winter

New forage resources available

Reading Time: < 1 minute has added new fact sheets and a research paper. The fact sheets are: Oats, Triticale and Corn Winter Grazing Comparison — an update on winter grazing; Triticale Swath Grazing Demonstration Project; and a financial analysis entitled Will a hay shed pay? by Alberta Agriculture economist Dale Kaliel. Also available is a paper titled: Effect […] Read more

Beef cattle producers can save thousands of dollars by swath grazing cereals over the winter, says Vern Baron.  Photo: Jennifer Blair

Swath grazing cereals saves half of overwintering costs in beef cattle

With new higher-yielding, higher-quality forage cereals in the works, there 
has never been a better time for beef cattle producers to try swath grazing cereals

Reading Time: 2 minutes Swath grazing cereals could save producers almost half the cost of overwintering cattle, says a federal forage researcher. “Extended grazing practices like swath grazing, bale grazing, and grazing second-cut grasses in the fall are one of the most effective ways to reduce your overwintering costs of beef cows,” Vern Baron said at the Lacombe Field […] Read more