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This graphic shows monthly temperature anomalies across the U.S. during strong El Niño years — blue/green indicates cooler-than-average temperatures while red/orange are for warmer-than-average temperatures. While the map doesn’t cover Canada, it is fairly easy to imagine or extrapolate the data northward to cover most of the southern and central Prairies. Looking at the different maps, what really jumps out are the well-above-average December temperatures across the northern states. These warmer-than-average temperatures look to continue right through to the end of winter.

Dreaming of a warm Christmas? El Niño may grant your wish

Winter is still winter, but history says the El Niño 
phenomenon brings above-average temperatures

Reading Time: 3 minutes After a fairly mild first half of November, things have turned cooler and a little more wintery. While it’s beginning to look like winter might have moved in for good, the long-range models seem to be really hanging their hats on El Niño bringing more above-average temperatures in December and right through the rest of […] Read more

Why does El Niño have such a big impact on our weather?

Why does El Niño have such a big impact on our weather?

It’s all about heat and the atmosphere’s aversion to imbalances 
when it comes to hot and cold

Reading Time: 4 minutes A few weeks ago while waiting for a triathlon to start, a thunderstorm rolled through the region forcing everyone to run for shelter. While listening to people talk during the storm I overheard a weather-related idea or story that I’ve actually been mulling in my head for a while now, but I still haven’t figured […] Read more