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an aerial drone flying over a crop

The lowdown on drones

If you don’t carefully consider the costs and benefits, 
a drone can easily become just an ‘expensive toy’

Reading Time: 2 minutes AARD – Drones have been used by the military and by hobbyists for years, but now unmanned aerial vehicles designed to do a range of everyday jobs are finding a place in agriculture. “Drones can be used for such applications as crop scouting, livestock surveillance in remote areas, detection of algae blooms — you name […] Read more

Brandon Gibb takes a picture of himself while using his quadcopter to survey his farm near Pincher Creek.

Drones earning their keep on the farm

Farmers like Brandon Gibb are making profitable use of their cheap and easy-to-use unmanned aerial vehicles

Reading Time: 3 minutes From counting plants per square foot to measuring grain loss behind the combine, farmers spend a lot of time close to the ground. Sometimes, however, the best farm decisions are aided by a perspective from higher up. Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in agriculture are making headlines, and for a couple of thousand dollars […] Read more