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Renaud Léguillette (on left) fits a horse with a special mask to measure the maximal rate of oxygen  consumption (known as VO2 max) as the animal exercises.

Equine athletes to benefit from new research program

The focus will be on reducing injuries in racehorses, show jumpers, 
and Western pleasure, rodeo, and draft horses

Reading Time: 2 minutes High-performance equine athletes are like people — they need to be at peak fitness to perform at their maximum. And, as with any athlete, injuries can occur. How to train horses for top performance while avoiding injury is one issue facing the sport horse industry in Alberta that will be studied further thanks to a […] Read more

Beef conference to focus on infectious diseases

Beef Cattle Conference takes place June 16-17 in Calgary

Reading Time: < 1 minute The University of Calgary Faculty of veterinary medicine’s annual Beef Cattle Conference takes place June 16-17 in Calgary. This year’s focus is on infectious disease diagnosis and control, including overviews of diarrhea, respiratory disease, and other diseases; biosecurity; vaccination; and preconditioning. There will also be workshops on managing pre-weaning diseases, infectious lameness in the feedlot, […] Read more