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Crop Insurance: Hail claims dipped sharply but unharvested acres soared

The number of unseeded acres rose eightfold but the provincial crop insurer paid out 
less than half the usual amount of hail claims

Reading Time: 2 minutes Dry conditions had one benefit this year — they helped contribute to a big drop in hail damage. “It was very dry in the south, with less activity in relation to hail. The central-south areas were more active this year,” said Daniel Graham, manager of business risk products with the Agricultural Financial Services Corporation (AFSC). […] Read more

Unseeded acres this summer? Consider winter wheat

Producers have a few options for their unseeded acres this summer

Reading Time: 3 minutes A bad harvest followed by a wet, cool spring likely means that many producers won’t get all of their fields seeded this spring. And that means making the best of a bad situation. “Once we enter the middle of June, we’re looking at what producers can do with unseeded acres,” said Neil Whatley, crop specialist […] Read more