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Clever innovators have found new ways to bring us a cleaner plate

There are a host of flours made with unusual ingredients 
and they can also be used to make edible cutlery

Reading Time: 3 minutes I was thinking of my friend Ashley Fraser and the time I spent on his farm. The Australian innovator grew a variety of specialized seed crops for certified seed and birdseed, with the screenings going to the feed bunk ration. It was a waste-free way of looking at seed production and usage. In his climate […] Read more

Tom Steve

Don’t just grow crops, grow food processing

A stronger ag-sector would be the result, says AWC general manager

Reading Time: < 1 minute Think big picture, says the general manager of the Alberta Wheat Commission. “We’ve seen the ministry roll out a rural development strategy, and we support that,” said Tom Steve. “But if you look at who the wealth creators are in rural communities, it tends to be the farmer… we need to find a way to […] Read more