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Most farmers have the basic tools for precision ag, but aren’t diving too deep into practices such as variable rate just yet.

Most Prairie farmers taking a wait-and-see attitude to precision ag

A new online survey found just about everyone uses GPS but less than half 
use advanced imaging and variable rate

Prairie farmers are casting glances at precision ag, but not embracing it yet, a new survey suggests. The online 42-question survey commissioned by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada didn’t get a big response — 261 producers participated — but it offers a glimpse into how farmers view the highly touted technology. The poll found adoption of […] Read more

Even with all the technology available to farmers, there’s no ‘easy button’ when it comes to making agronomic decisions, cautions Professor 
Raj Khosla.

Use your head — not your hard drive — when making farming decisions

Technology is critical on any farm — but don’t rely too heavily on it

Agriculture is changing faster than it ever has before — and producers are scrambling to keep up. “When I talk to farmers, they have so many balls in the air, and they tell me that it feels like they’re dropping some of these balls,” said Raj Khosla, a Colorado State University professor who specializes in […] Read more

Payoff from variable-rate technology is variable

Study of variable-rate fertilizer application finds it’s not a ‘slam dunk’ — sometimes it pays and sometimes it doesn’t

Does variable-rate fertilizer application pay off? Sure it does — if you can find the areas of the field that need it, suggests a recent financial analysis of variable-rate technology (VRT) conducted in Lethbridge. “The more fertilizer you put on, the better results you get,” said Mark Wobick, a farm management consultant with MNP. “But […] Read more