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The marketplace is sending signals it wants verified sustainable beef, and the new VBP Plus program gives producers a way to show they are doing just that.

New verified beef program makes a timely debut

Revamped VBP program means producers can document their 
animal care, biosecurity, and environmental practices

The newly launched Verified Beef Production Plus program is taking Canada one step closer in its quest towards verified sustainable beef, says one of its designers. “This is just from my perspective, but we have always had early adopters — the people who believe in it — but there have never been clear market signals,” […] Read more

Elise and Kelly Walker have a cow-calf herd, a backgrounding business, and this small feedlot near Milk River.

Alberta producer gives ‘verified beef’ process a thumbs up

Elise Walker says the process of being scored on a host of ‘indicators’ 
looked intimidating but turned out to be easy and informative

If you’ve completed an environmental farm plan, you’ll feel fairly comfortable being verified as part of McDonald’s sustainable beef pilot project. That’s the take of Elise Walker, a Milk River-area producer who was verified in June — although the process looked overwhelming at first. “There are a lot of questions,” said Walker who, along with […] Read more

McDonald’s Corporation president and CEO Steve Easterbrook (centre) and McDonald’s Canada president and CEO John Betts talk to Graeme Finn (right) on a tour of his ranch near Crossfield on 
June 9.

McDonald’s ‘sustainable beef’ pilot project ramps up

Alberta visit of McDonald's global CEO signals a sea change in the beef industry

It’s full speed ahead for McDonald’s “verified sustainable beef” project. The country’s largest buyer of beef is finishing up the first phase of its groundbreaking pilot project in Canada, and earlier this month the head of the global fast-food giant paid a visit to Alberta to get a first-hand look. Recently appointed CEO Steve Easterbrook […] Read more