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New study says this job doesn’t need doing

Horse Health: Routine sheath cleaning is unnecessary for most male horses

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sheath-cleaning enthusiasts present a sensible argument for addressing the hygiene of their male horse. Yet a new study presented in Denmark has shown routine/regular cleaning of a horse’s sheath to not only be unnecessary, but disruptive to the healthy populations of “friendly” micrograms that call this location “home.” The sheath surrounding the penis, also called […] Read more

Aging horses by their teeth

Aging horses by their teeth

Horse Health: A method of determining the age of horses by the wear 
on their teeth has been widely accepted for 130 years

Reading Time: 3 minutes In 1885, Sydney Galvayne published a book in Glasgow outlining a system which claimed to accurately age horses by identifying distinct features of wear on the teeth. Galvayne’s treatise became widely accepted and uncontested amongst horsemen for over a century. The Galvayne name even became memorialized when a distinct groove which travels down the side […] Read more