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This photo captures two of the 11 projects offered by the Golden Prairie 4-H Club — busking and photography. In this busking performance at a local church last year, club members use glow Hula Hoops for a poi performance. (Poi is an art form created by the Maori people of New Zealand and involves making rhythmical and geometric patterns by swinging tethered weights). The performance was captured by members of the club’s photography project.

Alberta 4-H leader stands out in a very big crowd

There are nearly 7,400 volunteers working to support 4-H clubs across the country — and so standing out isn’t easy. But that’s just what Caroline Boddy of the Golden Prairie 4-H Club has managed to do. The Forestburg resident was recently chosen as the 2016 National Volunteer Leader of the Year. The award recognizes the […] Read more

The Kneehill North growing project is one of 34 Canadian Foodgrains Bank projects in Alberta this year.

Canadian Foodgrains Bank and Alberta farmers help fight hunger

Despite having their own harvest to finish, farmers drop everything to get the crop off at 
Canadian Foodgrains Bank’s growing projects

Cor Abma isn’t the type of guy to get emotional over nothing. But he makes an exception when it comes to the generosity of his fellow farmers who volunteer each year for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. “It just brings tears to your eyes when all these people show up,” said the Leduc-area grain farmer. “This […] Read more