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Research funding agency run by farmers closes its doors

Board votes to shut down Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund after funding dries up

Reading Time: 2 minutes After 17 years in operation, the Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund (ACIDF) has shuttered its doors. “Alberta Agriculture and Forestry is changing the way it handles research and development,” said Doug Walkley, the organization’s former executive director. For the past three years, the ministry has been conducting a review of how it funds ag research […] Read more

Cargill’s new facility near Camrose, which opened last summer, is part of the reason why crush is running at record rates.

Canola crush is thundering along at a record rate this year

Crush production records have been falling like flies, 
and both producers and the wider economy are benefiting

Reading Time: 3 minutes This year’s canola crush is on pace to be the highest ever, which is good news for producers. “It’s great for farmers,” said Renn Breitkreutz, vice-chair of the Alberta Canola Producers Commission. “Our product is in demand and we’ve seen significant investment in crush capacity over the past couple of years and now it seems […] Read more

Cargill’s new facility near Camrose, which opened this summer, is the province’s newest canola-crushing plant. But more could be on the way.

A golden future? Trade deal could see more canola crushing here

Canola producers who farm close to crush plants can get premiums, 
but it can mean more trucking costs

Reading Time: 4 minutes Canadian canola producers are poised to crush the Asian canola oil market if the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is implemented. “The immediate benefit in the next five years is going to be that the tariffs on canola oil going into Japan are going to drop from 15 per cent to zero,” said Ward Toma, general […] Read more

canola field

Canola growers want province to push biodiesel

Effort would create more demand and help with reductions in greenhouse gases

Reading Time: 2 minutes The new provincial government needs to walk the walk — not just talk the talk — on climate change, starting with better support for renewable energy sources, says the general manager of Alberta Canola Producers Commission. “In their election platforms, almost all political parties talk about climate change and greenhouse gas reduction,” said Ward Toma. […] Read more