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‘Working Well’ workshops underway

Workshops to continue until Dec. 11

The fall session of Working Well workshops is now underway. The program provides rural Albertans with information and resources to manage their water wells, including hands-on workshops on the basics of groundwater, well construction, common problems, contamination risks, importance of well reclamation and best management practices. Alberta property owners are responsible for managing and maintaining […] Read more

Installing a larger pump can be a recipe for well failure

Overpumping can lead to silt in water, plugged fixtures, biofouling, and even permanent aquifer damage

When farm and acreage owners need more water, it is not uncommon for them to get more by installing a larger pump. While this is often done in an effort to save money, overpumping a well can be a very costly mistake. “Overpumping is one of the leading causes of premature well failure,” said provincial […] Read more

This is what a properly capped well should look like.

You may not want to know what lies below — but you should

Experts say too many rural Albertans aren’t properly caring for their wells — and the price for neglect can be steep

Imagine finding mouse fur in your tap water. Or your house blowing up because of a buildup of methane in your water system. Brandon Leask has seen both. Although extreme examples, those are just two of the many risks that come with not paying attention to water wells, said the agricultural water engineer with Alberta […] Read more