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The evidence is as clear as pumped water — more palatable water makes a big difference for cows and their calves.

They’ll drink to that — clean water boosts weight gain

Providing pumped water can boost weaning weights by 18 pounds and reduce health issues

Reading Time: < 1 minute Giving cattle access to clean water can improve herd health and increase weight gain and backfat. A 2005 study reported that calves whose dams drank from water troughs gained on average 0.09 pound per day more than those with access to a dugout. Because water and forage intake are closely related, as cows drink more […] Read more

AARD tool can be used to assess winter feeding sites

AARD tool can be used to assess winter feeding sites

Tool evaluates site characteristics, feeding strategies, bedding and shelter management, water source management, and post-wintering site

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Wintering Site Assessment and Design Tool can help producers identify environmental risks associated with in-field winter feeding sites and systems. The tool can also be used to compare different situations and to adopt beneficial management practices (BMPs) to address risks, said provincial nutrient management specialist Trevor Wallace. The greatest environmental risk from wintering sites […] Read more