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This photo from the website of ALUS Canada shows a road washout in the 
Modeste subwatershed in August 2016.

Eco-services group to capture flood waters on farms and ranches

ALUS Canada has been given a $720,000 grant from Alberta Environment and Parks’ Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program for flood-prevention work. “We are excited to start putting this funding to good use on the ground in the Modeste subwatershed,” said Lara Ellis, the organization’s director of strategic initiatives. “ALUS will quickly establish new natural infrastructure […] Read more

Alberta wetlands receive funding for conservation projects

More than 1,300 acres will be conserved or restored thanks to $11.6 million grant

Ducks Unlimited Canada will receive more than $11.6 million in grant funds for wetland conservation and restoration work to help reduce the impact of flooding and drought in Alberta. The funding comes from the Alberta government’s Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program. Wetlands have the ability to store water and slow the release of water into […] Read more

Beavers cause problems, but also provide benefits

Understanding beaver biology and ecology can help you coexist with beavers on your property

They’re one of Canada’s national symbols but for some farmers, beavers are nothing more than pests who destroy trees and flood land. But it’s time to think of the industrious rodents in a new way, says Lorne Fitch, provincial riparian specialist with Cows and Fish. “Beavers are a keystone species,” said Fitch. “They are one […] Read more