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Weather app has different features

Weather app has different features

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alberta Agriculture’s new mobile-friendly weather app differs from many others because it has recent past data, says Ralph Wright, head of agro-meteorology. The app lets producers look at all of the hourly data for winds for the past few days. “If we’re in a stable weather pattern… you can start getting some pretty good ideas […] Read more

This map shows the total amount of precipitation compared to average for the agricultural year which started in September 2015. Even with the light snow cover this winter, thanks to a wetter-than-average fall, precipitation amounts are around average across most of the Prairies. The exceptions are in parts of west-central Manitoba and northwestern Alberta.

Could this be one of the warmest springs on record?

AccuWeather is forecasting an exceptionally warm and dry spring — 
and it has good reasons for making such a bold prediction

Reading Time: 3 minutes AccuWeather came out early in February with its spring weather prediction, so I figured that maybe I should join in and take a look at what the different forecasters are calling for this spring. After all, meteorological spring starts on the first day of March (March-April-May). In what I think is a pretty bold move, AccuWeather […] Read more

Want a can’t miss weather forecast for 2015? Then don’t look here

Five to Remember: Vagaries of weather forecasts prove there's no crystal ball involved

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’re looking for a crystal ball to predict the weather for the coming year, steer clear of whatever brand Environment Canada is using. “In October or November, it does its forecast of what the winter’s going to be like, and for three years in a row now, it has been diametrically 180 degrees opposite […] Read more

Models cause for less hail, but less rain, too

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alberta has the dubious distinction of having the most — and biggest — hail in the world. “We’re very famous for that,” said University of Alberta meteorologist Gerhard Reuter. And you can blame it on the Rocky Mountains, which affect airflows to create ‘hail alley’ — a corridor stretching from Rocky Mountain House to Red […] Read more

Gerhard Reuter

Get ready for a lot more major floods, says Alberta meteorologist

U of A professor says the weather event that caused last year’s 
devastating floods will occur every five years in future

Reading Time: 2 minutes Albertans can expect major floods as often as every five years thanks to climate change, according to Gerhard Reuter, a meteorologist and professor at the University of Alberta. The last three big Alberta floods were in 2013, 2005, and 1996, and followed in the wake of “giant rainstorms,” which Reuter classifies as rain events of […] Read more