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Farmers plant saplings in a rice field on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, India on July 5, 2019. (File photo: Reuters/Amit Dave)

India unveils new rice variety to reduce water use, labour

New Delhi | Reuters — India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday launched an array of new high-yielding crop varieties, including herbicide-tolerant rice that can be directly sown into the soil, cutting expenditure on water and farm workers. In India, the world’s biggest rice exporter, the conventional method of rice cultivation requires farmers to sow […] Read more

A view of the Crowsnest Pass. While Canada is the world’s third most water-abundant nation, Prairie water supply depends on how much snow collects in the Rockies and how quickly it runs off as it melts.

Water outlook ‘bleak’ as glaciers recede in Rocky Mountains

Loss of glaciers would greatly affect summer flows of rivers, already seeing lower water levels

Reading Time: 3 minutes Reuters – Where fly fisherman Shane Olson once paddled summer tourists around in a boat, he now guides them by foot — carefully navigating shallow waters one step at a time. “Every year, these rivers seem to be getting smaller, faster,” the 48-year-old said as he whipped a fishing line over the Crowsnest River. “We […] Read more

Sarah Weigum of Alect Seeds started getting calls about booking seed in July. The Three Hills-area grower is already sold out of some varieties and says farmers should be talking to their seed provider and thinking about alternatives if their first-choice variety picks aren’t available.

Drought slashes seed supplies across the Prairies

Seed supplies are likely to be lower than average this year, so source your seed earlier than normal

Reading Time: 6 minutes Sarah Weigum started to suspect this wouldn’t be a typical year for seed sales back in July, when one of her customers called to book seed for next spring. “My customers aren’t normally the type who call in July for seed for the next spring, and that was just the beginning,” said the Three Hills-area […] Read more

Keep watch and take quick action when it’s sizzling out

Keep watch and take quick action when it’s sizzling out

You can help your horse beat the heat with a few simple steps

Reading Time: 3 minutes Extreme bouts of hot weather are particularly stressful for horses and for some, even more stressful than extreme bouts of cold weather. Thus it becomes particularly important to identify the individuals at a greater risk for heat stress and what factors can provide extra care for them when necessary. Those particularly prone to heat stress […] Read more