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Winter annuals, such as stinkweed, need to be controlled 

Now’s the time to attack winter annual weeds

Many winter annuals are often too well established or already flowering once spring arrives

Reading Time: 2 minutes Conditions are favourable this year for some excellent post-harvest weed control, says a provincial crop specialist. “Winter annuals are weeds that germinate in the fall or late fall, go through the winter in a rosette form, and go to seed quickly once spring comes,” said Harry Brook. Common winter annuals include stinkweed, shepherd’s purse, scentless […] Read more

Poisonous weed found in Alberta canola fields

Poisonous weed found in Alberta canola fields

Devil’s trumpet is highly poisonous, but poses little risk when processed into canola meal or oil

Reading Time: 4 minutes There’s still more questions than answers after a highly toxic prohibited weed was found in canola fields in three counties in north-central Alberta. Devil’s trumpet — also called jimsonweed — has been confirmed in Barrhead, Leduc, and Westlock counties, but how it got there and how widespread the problem is remains a mystery. “It would […] Read more

After confirming herbicide-resistant wild oats in a field, Jay Schultz plans to diversify his crop and chemical rotations.

A bad year for crops has been a good one for weeds

Dry conditions have allowed weeds — including 
herbicide-resistant ones — to thrive in many fields

Reading Time: 3 minutes Although dry conditions made weed control a challenge during the 2015 growing season, late-summer moisture and an early harvest may give farmers a decent chance to control perennial weeds. “I’ve heard it said that 80 to 90 per cent of successful weed elimination comes from a competitive crop,” said Matt Gosling, an agronomist in the […] Read more