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Well workshops with a local flavour

Reading Time: < 1 minute With the pandemic sidelining in-person meetings, Working Well workshops are being held online — but with a local element. The workshops provide information for rural property owners on how to manage and maintain their wells. This year, there will be seven online workshops hosted by municipalities during February and March. Each will have experts from […] Read more

Never enter a well pit before testing air quality, and keep them clean and sealed until they can be replaced.

Well pits jeopardize water quality and your safety

Even though they were banned more than two decades ago, hundreds of these hazardous pits can be found across Alberta

Reading Time: 2 minutes When her father attempted to rescue her, he also passed out. The teenaged son who attempted to retrieve both his sister and father was also overcome. Of the three family members who entered the cellar, only the father survived. At first, investigators suspected that the vegetables had rotted and emitted a toxic gas, but the […] Read more

Here’s how to keep your well in good shape

Here’s how to keep your well in good shape

Reading Time: 2 minutes An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to well maintenance. Test regularly Test well water once or twice a year for coliform bacteria and E. coli. Sample bottles are available at local public health offices and come with instructions on sampling. The health office will send the sample to […] Read more

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Is that old well just capped? That’s not good enough

Old wells are a ‘perfect breeding ground for bacteria’ and subject to run-off contamination that can get into your aquifer

Reading Time: 2 minutes Some rural Albertans may be living with a health hazard on their property and not even know it. Surface contamination poses one of the biggest threats to the purity of groundwater supplies. Old unused wells that are not properly decommissioned can serve as a conduit for bacteria and chemicals to seep into an aquifer. Once […] Read more

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Will you have enough water when you need it?

Growing Forward 2 funding is available for new water sources such as wells and dugouts

Reading Time: 2 minutes Winter is a good time to review your water resources and identify any risks, says a provincial water engineer. “It’s the perfect season to spend some time working on your long-term water management plan,” said Melissa Orr-Langner. The goal of the plan is to ensure a farm has adequate and sustainable water sources to meet […] Read more