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Field of ripening intermediate wheatgrass at The Land Institute’s research farm in Salina, Kansas on July 30, 2008.

Perennial grain: It’s two — yes, two — crops in one

It’s been a decades’ 
long search, but researchers believe the finish line is in sight for a crop that can be both grazed and then harvested for its grain

Reading Time: 4 minutes As concerns grow over sustainability in modern farming, researchers are looking to the past in search of crops that can both meet the needs of farmers and consumers as well as the environment. Thinopyrum intermedium — commonly known as intermediate wheatgrass — is one of the fruits of that research. It’s been nearly three decades […] Read more

field of wheatgrass

New developments in forage-breeding research

One of the more recent offerings is hybrid bromegrass, which offers high first-cut yields and fairly rapid regrowth for grazing

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cattle producers across Western Canada rely on perennial forage grass species to provide their livestock with ample nutrition during the grazing period and for hay. Mother Nature provided these grasses with winter hardiness and reasonable drought tolerance needed to prosper in the Prairie climate — but University of Saskatchewan researchers have done their part, too. […] Read more