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The lowdown on wild oat resistance

Reading Time: < 1 minute Currently, 69 per cent of wild oats on the Prairies have some type of herbicide resistance, and there are limited control options if the weed has developed both Group 1 and 2 resistance. In light of this, the Resistant Wild Oat Action Committee is working to develop increased awareness, beginning with a series of infographics. […] Read more

Weed scientists say it’s a matter of when, not if, wild oat populations here will develop resistance to glyphosate —  as they’ve now done in Australia.

Glyphosate-resistant wild oats are in Australia, and that’s bad news here

Aussies usually see resistance first, with Canada close behind – and that means a ‘scary’ scenario for Prairie farmers

Reading Time: 5 minutes Glyphosate-resistant wild oats have been found in Australia and that should be a wake-up call to any farmer who thinks it couldn’t happen in Canada. “This is the first confirmed case of glyphosate-resistant wild oats in the world,” said federal research scientist Breanne Tidemann. “It’s something we’ve been concerned about but no one has ever […] Read more

The sight of wild oats escaping weed control is increasingly common in Alberta and could get a lot worse, says crop expert Harry Brook.

Millions of Alberta acres have resistant weeds

Kochia and wild oats top a long list of resistant weeds that are now present in Alberta, says crop specialist

Reading Time: 2 minutes When it comes to herbicide resistance, producers should be looking for trouble. The ongoing spread of resistant weeds means producers should be actively scouting for it, said provincial crop specialist Harry Brook. “We now have glyphosate resistance in kochia in southern Alberta and it continues to spread,” said Brook. “These should serve as a wake-up […] Read more

Producers battling herbicide-resistant weeds will need to add diversity to their rotations, says federal research scientist Breanne Tidemann.

Saskatchewan herbicide resistance a heads-up for Alberta

More than half of fields surveyed had a resistant weed, with Group 1-resistant wild oat at the top of the list

Reading Time: 3 minutes Alberta’s herbicide-resistant weed survey is underway this summer, but the results from Saskatchewan paint a grim picture of what to expect here. “Since 2009, there’s been an 89 per cent increase in the land area affected by herbicide-resistant weeds,” said federal research scientist Breanne Tidemann. “We are in a fairly steep incline in terms of […] Read more

Half of Alberta fields have herbicide-resistant wild oats

Half of Alberta fields have herbicide-resistant wild oats

The short-term gain from growing profitable crops too frequently will bring long-term pain, say weed experts

Reading Time: 4 minutes For Craig Shaw, herbicide resistance is a wreck waiting to happen. “It’s manageable at the present moment, but I wouldn’t guarantee it will remain manageable moving forward,” said Shaw, who has widespread herbicide resistance on his farm near Lacombe. “We’ve learned our lesson in terms of staying on top of weed control and making sure […] Read more

Neil Harker of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Brace yourself — winter annual weeds worse than usual this year

Dry conditions earlier this spring gave winter annuals an edge and for some growers, it’s too late to manage them

Reading Time: 2 minutes The dry conditions of early spring could lead to a spike in winter annual weeds. “Winter annuals could be a problem,” said Neil Harker, research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. “We really haven’t had a lot of spring moisture, so the ones that were already established, like stinkweed and flixweed and winter annual cleavers, […] Read more

A study underway in Lacombe suggests that winter cereals offer as much control for wild oats as herbicides do, says researcher Neil Harker.  Photo: Jennifer Blair

Winter cereals match herbicides in controlling wild oats

Producers might be ‘fairly shocked,’ but study finds winter 
cereals are as effective as herbicides in wild oats control

Reading Time: 2 minutes Winter cereals control wild oats just as well as herbicides do, suggests a study underway in Lacombe. “When we had two years of winter cereals — either running or with an early-cut silage in between — we had as good of wild oat control as when we went three years of alfalfa or canola-wheat-canola-wheat with […] Read more

Alberta area map showing weed resistance.

Wild oat herbicide resistance is on the rise

Moving to longer crop rotations and reducing herbicide use will help manage the rapid rise in herbicide resistance in wild oats

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s already bad, but the problem of herbicide-resistant wild oats in Alberta will get a lot worse in a hurry if farmers don’t change their ways, says an Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada scientist. Today, 37 per cent of Western Canada’s cropland has herbicide-resistant weeds, with resistant wild oats in 28 per cent of fields, Neil […] Read more