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If you’re swath grazing, spending a little more to get higher yield will actually lower your costs, says Vern Baron.

Extended grazing saves time and money — if done right

Winter grazing is a simple concept, but the trick is in things like 
good body condition scores in fall and the right grazing sequence

Reading Time: 3 minutes Winter feeding cattle is a matter of using the right tool at the right time, says a federal forage specialist. “Placing grazing methods in sequence is probably going to be the efficient method time after time to reduce risks and costs,” said Vern Baron, a research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. “In this day […] Read more

AARD tool can be used to assess winter feeding sites

AARD tool can be used to assess winter feeding sites

Tool evaluates site characteristics, feeding strategies, bedding and shelter management, water source management, and post-wintering site

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Wintering Site Assessment and Design Tool can help producers identify environmental risks associated with in-field winter feeding sites and systems. The tool can also be used to compare different situations and to adopt beneficial management practices (BMPs) to address risks, said provincial nutrient management specialist Trevor Wallace. The greatest environmental risk from wintering sites […] Read more

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Building winter cattle rations without wrecking your bottom line

Improving your feeding efficiency and reducing waste 
can help you save money overwintering your cattle this year

Reading Time: 3 minutes Despite record-high cattle prices and strong demand for beef, margins remain tight for cattle producers who are battling the high price of land and feed. But cattle feeders can widen their margins as they head into winter by taking measures to improve feed efficiency and reduce waste right now. “To prepare your cattle for winter, […] Read more