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This map shows the total amount of precipitation that has fallen across the Prairies so far this winter (Nov. 1 to March 16). You can see that the wettest regions have been across southern Manitoba and into southeastern Saskatchewan along with extreme western Alberta. The driest regions were found north of Edmonton, southwards to east-central Alberta, and then eastwards towards Regina.

Springtime can be the ‘right time’ for really big snowstorms

When a buildup of warm, moist air from the south collides with 
cold arctic air, your snowblower can get a real workout

Reading Time: 3 minutes With spring officially here, the last thing most people want to hear about is snow. But the way this winter and spring have been going, who knows? Springtime across the Prairies tends to bring some of the biggest snowfalls of the year. Several years ago I dug into this topic, but I figured it was time […] Read more

(Canada Beef Inc. photo)

Wintry blast cuts both ways in U.S. cattle country

Chicago | Reuters — A major winter storm rolling across the U.S. Plains on Monday disrupted transportation of cattle to beef packing plants in sections of the region, said experts. However, they said, the rough weather supported cattle and wholesale beef prices struggling against abundant overall meat supplies and heavyweight animals. The storm, dubbed Goliath, […] Read more