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This system features an insulated trough serviced by a pump running from a dugout and powered by solar panels.

The ins and outs of watering cattle in winter

There are lots of options but start by knowing 
how much water your cattle will need each day

Reading Time: 4 minutes Winter is here, and if you’re winter grazing, it’s not easy to know how best to deliver water to cattle on pasture. But Stacy Pritchard of the Peace Country Beef and Forage Association has some tips to get the best results from your watering program. Contrary to popular belief, snow can be an effective water […] Read more

Experimentation key to farmer’s homemade remote waterer

Conrad Dolen built his own system and is testing it this winter to see how it compares with his commercial system

Reading Time: 2 minutes You can buy a winter watering system off the shelf, or you can do what Conrad Dolen did and build your own. “We thought we could do it cheaper if we did it ourselves,” said Dolen, who operates Dolen Land and Cattle with siblings Quinton and Erica near Silver Valley. “We bought the pump, solar […] Read more