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Wolves account for 70 per cent of losses on Alberta ranches, says a new study.

Predator compensation benefits all of society

Ranchers are key to maintaining wildlife habitat but pay a price because of predator losses, which are on the rise

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ranchers play a key role in conservation by keeping their lands available to wildlife, and it’s important that they be compensated for those losses, says a new study “Our paper makes a case that there are benefits… if those ranchers who have depredation programs see some compensation for wildlife to be on their private lands,” […] Read more

Wolves in Saskatchewan’s Prince Albert National Park in 2014. (Parks Canada photo,

Saskatchewan to thin out wolf pack along treeline

Aiming to prevent “wolf-livestock conflicts” in the region, Saskatchewan’s environment department will again offer a wolf hunting season along the provincial forest fringe starting Saturday. The wolf hunt, running from Oct. 15, 2016 through to March 31, 2017, is to be allowed in wildlife management zones 43 (Melfort, Tisdale), 47 (North Battleford, Turtleford), 48 (Preeceville, […] Read more