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Woman overlooking a beach with penguins in South Africa.

Farm leader urges her fellow women farmers not to hold back

Alberta Pulse Growers vp Allison Ammeter has learned not being the ‘hands-on’
 type isn’t a barrier for women in agriculture

Reading Time: 3 minutes You might not guess Allison Ammeter is a farmer just by looking at her. And you wouldn’t be alone. One time, she introduced herself as a farmer during a meeting with a Calgary design firm in a funky little downtown office. The designer took one look at Ammeter’s red high heels and said, “You don’t […] Read more

Woman standing in wheat field

Women in agriculture bank on change

Straight From the Hip: Give women a fair shake and 
agricultural production will increase

Reading Time: 3 minutes There has been a global failure to improve infrastructure and address policy to enable women to access the same level of education, technology, credit, and land ownership. In many countries I have seen how this has left farming women unprepared for the current and future increases in input costs and challenges in marketing. Women farmers […] Read more