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Woman touching tall grass

I have been blessed in the company of rural women

Rural women look to each other for help, inspiration, and empowerment

Reading Time: 3 minutes Perfect winter travelling weather on rural Alberta roads led me in November to the village of Plamondon. It might be a small place but her heart is huge, and it was a joy to laugh, cry, and simply ‘be with’ the more than 200 women in attendance. These days are gifts to me. To be […] Read more

‘Gender equality is not about separating men and women. It is standing up for the excellence of each other so each may contribute in the way in which they were gifted.' – Brenda Schoepp

Is it true Daddy? The sad truth about gender equality

Whether it’s pay, discounts on farm supplies, or career advancement, women are not equal with men

Reading Time: 3 minutes A little girl asks her father, ‘Daddy is it true I am worth less than my brother? Is it true that he will earn more than me, get better deals, and have easier access to money even if I am educated? Why?’ When a little girl is born with all her beauty and possibilities, she […] Read more

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In praise of those who make our lives and communities great

We are all makers of history and symbols of hope, 
and the contribution of women is invaluable and inspiring

Reading Time: 3 minutes I am writing this on the eve of International Women’s Day and as we near the celebration of the birth of my seventh granddaughter and remember the birth of her great-great-grandmother, Martha. I’m reflecting on women I know, and those whom I do not, who contribute to our societies and our future. I am overcome […] Read more

Caring is the first step in change

Empowerment changes lives, and it happens with one little word, action, or act of kindness at a time

Reading Time: 3 minutes I have often been challenged to describe why it is important to empower those in our world — especially women outside of our community or country. Women who others may believe will never live their dream or even work to their potential because of the political or cultural environment in which they live. Girls and […] Read more