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Geri Wayslow has been breeding alpacas on her farm near Ranfurly for the past 15 years.

Diversification drives success at Alberta alpaca farm

Alpaca-assisted therapy, children’s camps, and other programs add to revenue streams

Reading Time: 2 minutes Alpacas may look like a fun farm pet, but for Geri Wayslow, they’re a true labour of love — one that requires a whole lot of hard work and a little bit of luck to turn a profit. “It’s fun as a breeder to see what I’ve created, but more importantly, it’s about what I […] Read more

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Guide for marketing crops and livestock updated

Agricultural Marketing Guide outlines marketing basics, managing risks, and ways to get more value from crops or livestock

Reading Time: 1 minute Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development has recently updated the Agricultural Marketing Guide. “This guide is for all farm managers, agribusinesses and anyone who deals with farmers or needs a better understanding of farm product marketing,” said Jennifer Stoby, market analyst for agriculture inputs. For example, under the grain- and oilseed-marketing section there is information on […] Read more