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Pulse weekly outlook: Wrinkles, loss of colour problems for lentils

MarketsFarm — As Canada’s lentil harvest comes along slowly, issues with wrinkles and the loss of colour have arisen, according to Markus Mosnaim of Globeway Canada in Mississauga. Loss of colour in green lentils translates to a downgrade, he said. “It can drop to No. 2, depending on how much colour is lost.” Wrinkles, meanwhile, […] Read more

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Researcher using chicken feet to prevent crow’s feet

Reading Time: 2 minutes Can a pill made from chicken feet and cow hides give your skin a younger, healthier look? Yes, says University of Alberta food scientist Mirko Betti, an expert on modifying animal proteins from meat byproducts. Betti is currently extracting collagen from poultry skin, feet, bones, and cartilage as well as bovine hides. Collagen is a […] Read more