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meat microbiologist Lynn McMullen

Alberta researchers hot on the trail of deadly bacteria

In response to the E. coli contamination at XL Foods, scientists 
have devised a test that slashes detection time in half

Reading Time: 3 minutes The time it takes to detect E. coli in a meat-processing plant has been cut in half, thanks to technology developed by researchers from the University of Alberta. “We have been able to shorten the time and we can go from cold meat to detection of Enterohaemorrhagic E. coli within five to six hours,” said Lynn […] Read more

Change is now constant in meat business says, Gordon Cove, CEO of the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency.

Meat business undergoing big changes, says agency head

CEO of Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency says ‘pull’ from the marketplace creates opportunities and challenges

Reading Time: 2 minutes The agency he heads is just five years old, but the meat business has changed so radically in that time that a whole new approach is needed, says the CEO of the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency. “We’ve gone from an area or a time where we’ve had so much supply and we push it […] Read more