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April 1 to 15: Leading Edge Equipment

Formed in 2009 by a family with a long history in farming, Leading Edge Equipment aims to supply the highest quality machinery in the world and to supply and stock parts for those machines to keep them performing. (Originally recorded at the 2020 Canada’s Digital Farm Show)

Mar 15 to 30: Preventing blackleg

Blackleg is one of the most serious threats to Western Canadian farmers’ canola crops. The pest’s prevalence continues and has been growing through a combination of good conditions and tight cropping rotations. Agronomy specialist Justine Cornelsen of the Canola Council of Canada addresses the issues related to rotation and informs producers about genetics options available that will aid in reducing the effects of the disease. Look for more ways to keep blackleg at bay in future editions of AGgronomy TV.

March 15 – 30: John Deere 9R tractors – AgDealerTV

John Deere is updating its 9R Series of tractors for the 2022 model year. Glacier FarmMedia machinery reporter Scott Garvey shows what lies ahead for the green brand’s line-up of 9R Series wheeled and tracked tractors.

Mar 1 to 15: The age of electric at GM

Will your next GM pickup be electric powered? At the Consumer Electronics Show in January, General Motors announced it has already begun to transition to an all-electric fleet of vehicle offerings. In this video, Scott Garvey reports on the online event and offers a look at the highlights of the brand's announcement.