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Daniel Bezte’s column on weather appears in each issue of Alberta Farmer Express. He has a special interest in farm weather, which he follows from a small farm near Winnipeg, where he has his own computerized weather station. He has been a regular contributor to other farm publications including the Farmers’ Independent Weekly and the Manitoba Co-operator. Daniel has a degree in geography, specializing in climatology, from the University of Winnipeg. He welcomes questions and comments at [email protected].

Supplied by Daniel Bezte, November 5, 2013

This week’s map shows the amount of precipitation that fell across Alberta during the 30 days ending Oct. 29 compared to the long-term normal. A good portion of agricultural Alberta saw average to slightly above average amounts of precipitation during October. The extreme northern region, along with western parts of the central and southern regions, were wetter, with some areas seeing well above average amounts. The Peace River region extending southeastward through Edmonton was drier with some areas seeing low to very low amounts of precipitation. — Daniel Bezte


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