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Wittal: No news is bad news in grains

Jan. 15 –– Outside markets were all lower today with gold, crude oil and financial indicators all taking some rather hard hits to finish off the week. This, along with continued speculative selling pressure, pushed grains lower on the day and the week The U.S. dollar index climbed 44-100ths of a cent today. Gold closed […] Read more

Wittal: Export numbers drive non-commercial selling

Jan. 14 — Outside markets were steady to up, with gold and financial indicators all up slightly. Crude oil was down again today, as were the grains in the U.S. and Canada, mainly due to lower-than-targeted weekly sales and export numbers that did nothing to inspire confidence in the trade today. The U.S. dollar index […] Read more

Wittal: Review strategies in light of USDA data

Jan. 13 — Outside markets showed some rebound today with gold and financial indicators up slightly. Crude oil was down again today and grains were mixed, with corn down and wheat and beans up modestly. The U.S. dollar index fell 11-100ths of a cent today, while gold closed up $7.50 at $1,136.40. The Canadian dollar […] Read more

Wittal: USDA reports bulldoze markets

Jan. 12 –– All outside markets are down today, most likely in response to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s reports and the hard sell-off in U.S. grain futures.  The U.S. dollar index fell nine-100ths of a cent today, while gold closed down $21.80 at $1,128.90. The Canadian dollar dropped 0.44 cents to close at US96.36 […] Read more

Wittal: Traders get in position ahead of USDA report

Jan. 11 –– Outside markets were active today, with gold and financial indicators up while the U.S. dollar and crude oil were down on the day. Grains were active in advance of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s report coming out tomorrow. The USDA report will include the annual crop production report, supply and demand reports […] Read more

Wittal: Barley values continue dropping

Jan. 8 — Outside markets were rather quiet but steady to up on the day. The U.S. dollar index fell back 42-100ths of a cent today. Gold closed up $5.10 at $1,138.20, up $43 this week. The Canadian dollar rose 0.23 cents to close at US96.93 cents today, up 1.29 cents this week. The Dow […] Read more

Wittal: Avoid panic-mode selling on days like this

Jan. 7 — Outside markets were mixed to lower as the U.S. dollar rose almost half a cent today, pressuring energy and grain futures lower. Announcements out of China of an interest rate hike also impacted beans, as buyers’ costs to borrow will go up, which will have a direct impact on sales going forward. […] Read more

Wittal: Expect canola pressure from U.S. meal dispute

Jan. 6 — Outside markets were stronger today, with gold showing double-digit gains and crude oil closing above resent resistance levels, which encouraged speculative finds to continue buying and pushing values higher. A lower U.S. dollar helped support wheat and corn markets, while beans continue to come under pressure from continued reports of better-than-expected crop […] Read more

Wittal: Consider moving unpriced canola soon

Jan. 5 — Outside markets were a little more subdued today on the heels of an impressive Monday rally. Gold is showing little to no change and crude oil is up, but other than that, markets are mixed today as it seems the trade is rather quiet with little follow-through on yesterday’s rally. The U.S. […] Read more

Wittal: Favourable crop conditions may hit markets

Jan. 4 — Welcome to the New Year, and a positive start at that! Outside markets were up solidly, as gold achieved double-digit gains and the Dow Jones showed triple-digit gains today. The energy sector also finished with solid gains. All of this and a dropping U.S. dollar helped to push U.S. grains higher on […] Read more