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Fighting fires when the water source is frozen

Reading Time: 3 minutes A grant from DuPont’s FIRE program is helping the Taber Fire Department buy equipment to help them fight fires in situations where access to water is difficult. The volunteer firefighters handle fires and other emergencies over a mainly rural area, as well as the town of Taber. In rural areas, farms may have a dugout […] Read more

Researcher examining the role of microbe in helping crops grow

Fungi has symbiotic relationship with plants, obtaining sugars from them and 
transporting nutrients and water from the soil to them in return

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are billions of bacteria in every teaspoon of soil, but for the most part all those microbes are a black box that’s responsible for all the biological activity in soil. Now, an Agriculture Canada scientist has been researching one soil fungus phylum — the Glomeromycota — and found an amazing variety of species each […] Read more

Manure separation system wins small-business award

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ross Thurston says he’s impressed by modern hog and dairy operations, but thinks there’s one thing missing. “In these big operations, I see high-level management, high-tech genetics, the most modern feeding and nutrition, up-to-the-minute cropping. Everything is really hightech, except for manure management.” Thurston is president of Livestock Water Recycling Inc., a Calgary company which […] Read more

Bovine solution for eating into a Canada thistle infestation

Cows will avoid eating the prickly weed if they have a choice, 
but keep them in a paddock longer and they’ll control the invader

Reading Time: 3 minutes There’s 10 million square kilometres of free — and highly nutritious — feed spread across North America. But because it’s Canada thistle, you need a special grazing system to get cattle to eat it. “You can use managed grazing to keep weeds, including Canada thistle, at tolerable levels and increase forage production,” said Sue De […] Read more

Southern special crops coming off well despite storms

Reading Time: 3 minutes Southern Alberta’s specialty crops have mostly done well this season, despite the occasional hailstorm and windstorm. In Taber, David Jensen and his family were just finishing their sweet corn harvest Sept. 7. “It’s a really busy time,” he said. “For that six weeks, we start at 4 a.m. and we’re working till late every night. […] Read more

Corn disease Goss’s wilt found in Alberta

Reading Time: 3 minutes This summer, plant pathologists have found a corn disease they’ve never seen in Alberta before — Goss’s wilt. “We’ve confirmed the disease in two fields so far,” says Alberta Agriculture plant pathologist Mike Harding. “It doesn’t seem to have caused significant yield losses in those fields but we’re looking to see if it’s in other […] Read more

Driving into Coyote Flats you pass the new visitor centre with a half-track Farmall 127 tractor and turn onto the main street.

The past comes alive in Coyote Flats during Harvest Days

It began with a small group restoring old farm equipment, but today the pioneer village is much, much more

Reading Time: 3 minutes Although best known as the heart of Feedlot Alley, Picture Butte is also home to the Prairie Tractor and Engine Museum. The collection of tractors and farm equipment in the pioneer village of Coyote Flats is quite spectacular. And during the annual Harvest Days event, some get to strut their stuff again as volunteers drive […] Read more

Egg-breaking co-op looking to develop new markets

The egg-washing and -breaking line at the Egg Processing Innovations Cooperative can handle 
36,000 eggs an hour and a second line is in place for when more eggs are available

Reading Time: 2 minutes Alberta’s egg-breaking plant has a bright future, but it will take time to reach its full potential, say officials of the Egg Processing Innovations Cooperative. “We can be proud of what we’ve built here,” said co-op chair Andrew Wipf after the facility’s recent official opening. “This plant will make money, but it will take time. […] Read more

Hail beats up southern Alberta for a second year

Reading Time: 2 minutes Southern Alberta has had quite a beating from Mother Nature this summer. The hail season started early with crop-damaging hailstorms during the last week of May in both Lethbridge and Vulcan areas. Storms were particularly violent and widespread over July 5-8, when some motorists reported driving through hailstorms as tough as any winter storm and […] Read more