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BASF plans full-scale release of Clearfield lentils

The Prairies’ lentil growers will get “full access” to all six varieties of Clearfield lentils from BASF Canada for the 2010 growing season.

The chemical firm announced Thursday that it plans to have full availability for Clearfield lentil varieties in 2010 across every market class, including extra small red varieties CDC Imperial CL and CDC Impala CL; small red varieties CDC Impact CL and CDC Maxim CL; medium green variety CDC Impress CL; and large green variety CDC Improve CL.

Clearfield lentils’ use been “spreading rapidly” across lentil-growing regions in Saskatchewan and Alberta since their launch in 2007, BASF said in a release.

Senior technical development specialist Mark Kuchuran of BASF Canada estimated half of all red lentil acres will be Clearfield varieties in 2010.

Kuchuran said he also expected Clearfield lentil green varieties, which were released to certified seed growers for increase a year after the reds, will account for 10 per cent of green lentil acres in 2010.

Lentil growers can use BASF herbicides Odyssey DLX and Solo for weed control on their Clearfield lentil acres, the company said.

As in previous years, Clearfield lentil growers in 2010 will have to sign the “Clearfield Commitment,” whether buying pedigreed seed or regrowing seed from their on-farm production.