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Pulse Report: Pea harvest, stockpiles should give healthy supply

By Commodity News Service Canada

Sept. 13 (CNS Canada) – A Statistics Canada report on Canadian pea inventory carryover into the 2017-18 crop year was roughly in line with earlier estimates. Stocks on July 31 were pegged at 301,000 tonnes by the government agency, which compared to estimates of 306,000 tonnes. Canada’s pea harvest is virtually complete ahead of the long-term average and analysts now expect about 3.7 million tonnes of peas will be available, said Stat Publishing, a markets consulting firm.

Early reports from Mexico’s ministry of agriculture suggest Hurricane Katia and the 8.2 magnitude earthquake that struck the nation last week, could cause more than 300,000 acres worth of lost crops. Twelve states have filed notices for the loss of 321,237 acres of beans, barley, corn, chilies, chayote, bananas, cotton, walnuts and coffee. Floods and flattened crops are affecting about 1,200 producers, said the leader of the General Workers’ Union, Peasants and People’s Union. The federal government estimate is losses on about 105,000 acres.

The United States Department of Agriculture released its weekly dry bean, pea and lentil market news yesterday showing edible bean harvest progress as follows: Colorado 7% complete, Idaho 62%, Washington 46%, North Dakota 20%, Montana 94%, Nebraska 8%, Wyoming 10%.

Prices on offer in the USDA report show grower values as follows in US$:
– Pinto beans in North Dakota/Minnesota 23; last week 25; year ago 28.
– Light red kidney beans in Wisconsin/Minnesota 33-35; last week 33-34.50; last year 31-33.
– Dark red kidney beans in Wisconsin/Minnesota 34-35; last week 34-35.50; last year 35.
– Blacks in North Dakota/Minnesota 27; last week 27-28; last year 30.
– Navy beans in North Dakota/Minnesota 26; last week 26-27; last year 27.
– Chickpeas in North Dakota/Montana 44-46; last week 40-46; last year 30-35.


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