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Wheat being loaded onto a cargo ship in Vancouver in 2011. (File photo: Reuters/Ben Nelms)

Exports tumble as supplies simply not there

'There's very little to sell'

MarketsFarm — Cereal and oilseed exports out of Canada nosedived in August just as the 2021-22 marketing began, according to the monthly export report from the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC). At about 2.24 million tonnes, total grain exports were down 38.5 per cent overall compared to those in August 2020. “There’s very little to sell. […] Read more

Farming is inherently risky, but there are ways to mitigate it and that begins with soil testing, says one Strathmore-area agronomist.

The ball game has changed but the fundamentals haven’t

After a bruising year, farmers need a game plan to lower their risk in 2022, says veteran agronomist

Reading Time: 5 minutes Start planning to minimize next year’s risk as soon as you’ve parked the combine — and that starts with fall soil testing, says agronomist Matt Gosling. “There has probably never been a more critical year in my 18 years of doing agronomy to soil test,” said the owner of Strathmore-based Premium Ag. “Soil testing is […] Read more

A national survey on fertilizer management practices is being expanded from corn in Ontario and canola in Western Canada to include Prairie wheat.

Wheat producers join canola and corn growers in fertilizer survey

The Fertilizer Use Survey aims to show that farmers are practising good stewardship

Reading Time: 2 minutes A survey that tracks the fertilizer practices of farmers is being expanded to more crops — part of an effort to show that producers are employing management practices that are environmentally sound. “The survey shows us how agri-retailers and farmers across Canada are implementing 4R Nutrient Stewardship, which is an approach that has been demonstrated […] Read more

The search for feed sources can lead you on to unfamiliar ground and so it’s wise to seek expert advice.

Alternative feeds: There’s a lot to watch out for

That includes additive effects, binding of calcium, toxic weeds, and crop residues

Reading Time: 2 minutes Editor’s note: This is part of an article recapping some of the points made during a July 29 webinar. Some of the information from the webinar was in a story in the Aug. 9 edition of this paper and the full webinar can be found on the BCRC Blog and locating the Aug. 10 entry […] Read more

Crop quality greater in western Manitoba

MarketsFarm – While the western parts of Manitoba are seeing healthy crops, the eastern and Interlake regions aren’t so fortunate, according to Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development. Crop ratings for both the southwest and northwest regions range from 50 to 75 per cent good to excellent, according to the province’s weekly crop report released on […] Read more

This fellow’s ancestors hailed from Serbia, but the Rhinusa pilosa — a.k.a. stem-galling weevil — now makes its home in Alberta and B.C., where it feeds on yellow toadflax, a weed that infests pastures.

There’s foreign workers in the bug world, too — and they attack weeds

Bringing in weed-attacking pests is a laborious process but it’s often the only option for pastures

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are many ways to control weeds. Rose De Clerck-Floate’s favourite is to reunite them with their longtime enemies from the old country. “All of the weeds here can come from other parts of the world, mostly Europe and some from Asia, and establish here without the organisms that keep them in check in their […] Read more