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Pulses: Western CDN chickpea prices tick lower

By Dave Sims, Commodity News Service Canada

Winnipeg, February 13 – Chickpea prices softened across Western Canada last week, according to the latest information from The Prairie Ag-Hotwire. Nine millimetre varieties dipped by two cents to a range of 50 to 58 cents per pound while eight millimetre varieties dropped by six cents per pound to 43 to 50 cents per pound.
Laird number one lentils are hanging steady at 55 to 69 cents per pound. Crimson number one varieties were also firm at 25 to 30 cents per pound.
Feed peas in Saskatchewan fell by 25 cents per pound last week to a range of C$3.40-$6.60 a bushel.

Untimely rains in west-central India near the city of Inidore may hurt the quality of chickpeas and other pulse crops in the area. A report by The Times of India says local farmers are concerned crops may begin to lie down if the moisture doesn’t let up. There are also some forecasts suggesting hail is a possibility too.
Efforts are underway to reduce harvest fires in Australia that have caused damage to chickpeas, lentils and other crops. According to the country’s state broadcaster, a hydraulics company is working to reduce fire risk with an innovative header cooling system. It is essentially a fan designed to blow dust and dirt off the machinery before it ignites.
According to the USDA, hummus is one of the great success stories of the pulse industry and shows few signs of letting up. The agency says that in the late 1990’s retail sales were less than US$10 million but in the last few years that has grown to between US$700-$800 million.


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