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Growth promotants have been key to producing more beef with less feed, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be around in the future.

Expert says prepare to raise beef in a world without growth promotants

While there’s no question beta-agonists and antibiotics work, 
there are ways to lessen the need for them, says ruminant nutritionist

Get ready — changing consumer demands could spell the end of growth promotants in Canadian cattle production, says a ruminant nutritionist from Brazil. “Increased public concern with animal welfare, and also with antibiotic resistance in humans, has really drawn attention to the use of these kinds of products,” said Gabriel Ribeiro at the recent Feed […] Read more

A fistulated cow used for research and examination of rumen contents.

Feeding wheat to cattle without causing acidosis

Lethbridge Research Centre finds feed wheat can make up half of a ration if specific management techniques are used

Most feed wheat in North America goes into poultry or swine as rations, as feedlot operations are reluctant to use large quantities because wheat ferments considerably more rapidly in the rumen than corn or barley. This increases the risk of ruminal acidosis, which can compromise the well-being and productivity of cattle. But new research from […] Read more