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The coming wave of autonomous farm equipment — such as this seeding rig mounted on a DOT Technology “power platform” — is partly being driven by the severe and growing labour shortage on farms.

Ag tech tackles the next frontier — the people shortage on farms

The labour shortage has gone from problem to crisis — and that’s prompting a new tech revolution

Reading Time: 5 minutes Advances in farm equipment over the past 15 years have focused on one thing — allowing farmers to do more with less. Bigger equipment to cut the time when seeding and harvesting. GPS to minimize overlap. Precision tech to make every seed and input count. No till to capture snow and retain moisture (with less […] Read more

Human resources expert Janice Goldsborough is seeing a shift in demographics on today’s farms, and that will only continue as labour gets harder to find.

The face of agriculture needs to change

The growing shortage of workers will produce a much more diverse workforce, say experts

Reading Time: 3 minutes The face of Canadian agriculture is changing, and farmers will need to change with it if they hope to survive. That’s a familiar message but when Janice Goldsborough delivers it, she’s not talking about consumers — but farmers themselves. “We have an aging population,” said Goldsborough, who helps small and medium-size businesses with their human […] Read more