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Business help just a phone call away

Reading Time: < 1 minute If you’re thinking of a new farm business or expanding an existing one, there’s a new-venture specialist willing to help. “New-venture coaches do their best to help you get your business to-do list into reality, to get a new income stream planned for the farm into a sustainable business, or even just support a startup […] Read more

Fall is a good time to empty a catch basin

But take care not to overapply liquids 
on fields and cause run-off

Reading Time: < 1 minute Fall is an excellent time to empty a catch basin. “Maintaining an empty catch basin will help to reduce the risk of overflow next spring,” said Cody Metheral, a provincial extension specialist in confined feeding operations. “During pump-out, it is important to remember that overapplication of catch basin contents could result in run-off from the […] Read more

cow in a pasture

What’s a fair rent for a pasture? ‘It depends’

Higher cattle prices and a decline in available pastures putting upward pressure on rental rates

Reading Time: 2 minutes Higher cattle prices have some producers and landowners revisiting their pasture leases. “Pasture rental rates can be difficult to figure out because there are many factors to consider such as local availability of land and pasture, localized demand, quality of the pasture, condition of the existing fences and water, and bargaining,” said Dean Dyck, a […] Read more

hay bales in a field

Forage stands can be terminated in spring — if done right

Herbicide timing is key, and soil moisture and fertility must also be evaluated

Reading Time: 2 minutes Traditionally, forage stands are terminated in the fall so a good seedbed can be established and the sod root system has some time to decompose. However, hay stands can also be terminated in the spring. Producers just need to be aware of a number of factors that can impact success. “Spring termination of hay land […] Read more

European corn borer larvae

Controlling plant pests with biocontrols on your crop

Some biocontrol agents employ very 
targeted means to deter pests

Reading Time: 2 minutes Competition and antibioses are two of the ways biocontrol agents can help control plant pests. “Producers are familiar with the concept of competition, as in crowding out weeds in a field using row spacing, stand density, etc.,” said Dustin Morton, commercial horticulture specialist, at the Alberta Ag-Info Centre in Stettler. “Biocontrol agents can also be […] Read more


Opportunities for organic hemp growers

Manitoba Harvest and Hemp Oil Canada are still looking for organic producers

Reading Time: 2 minutes An Alberta Agriculture crop specialist says there are opportunities for growing hemp in the province, particularly organic hemp. “Many people may now be aware that the majority of the hemp grown in Alberta is for seed purposes,” said Harry Brook, crop specialist with the Alberta Ag-Info Centre in Stettler. “The market is strong for hemp […] Read more