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Strong demand supports sunflowers

MarketsFarm — Global demand for sunflower oil is steadily increasing, according to Scoular’s Robert Deraas. Deraas, director of the Scoular Co.’s sunflower and bird food division, explained Wednesday at CropConnect in Winnipeg that the majority of Canadian sunflowers are grown for oil purposes. Increases in demand are driven largely by health-conscious consumers who use sunflower […] Read more

Manitoba sunflower acreage set to drop

CNS Canada — The closure of a sunflower processing plant in southern Alberta has Manitoba sunflower growers feeling uneasy this year. “Because of the plant closure there’s quite a bit of delay in delivery of the ’17 crop. So it’s discouraged quite a few guys from growing more (sunflowers),” said Ben Friesen, senior market manager […] Read more

Sunflowers fight for acres in crowded Manitoba fields

CNS Canada — Better prices have created some optimism for sunflower growers in Western Canada — a feeling that may be needed to help the crop maintain acres in the face of so much competition. “I think in Manitoba we’re going to be battling for acres compared to some of those competitive crops,” said Darcelle […] Read more

Sunflowers look good in field, flat in market

CNS Canada — While many Canadian crops are wishing for more rain right now, one expert sees sunflowers, primarily grown in Manitoba, doing relatively fine for moisture. “There’s no weather worries on sunflowers right now. A lot of the acres went in because it was forecasted to be a very dry summer, but it hasn’t […] Read more