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variety of crop insects and diseases

Crop pest and disease watch for 2015

Some of the usual suspects could be back this year, 
especially if you are pushing your rotations

Reading Time: 6 minutes The new growing season is underway, with a combination of old and new challenges and opportunities. Alberta Farmer reporter Alexis Kienlen asked some experts about things that producers should look out for this growing season. Here’s what they had to say: Plant diseases It’s difficult for plant pathologists to predict the possibility of diseases, said Kelly […] Read more

Environmentally Smart Nitrogen (ESN)

When should you fertilize winter wheat?

Research has shown that fertilizing at seeding can be very effective — and a big time saver come spring

Reading Time: 2 minutes AARD Release / Once the decision to grow winter wheat has been made, one question that frequently comes up is when to fertilize. “Traditionally, winter wheat has been seeded with very little fertilizer and then fertilized in the spring,” said Doon Pauly, agronomy research scientist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development in Lethbridge. “Sometimes, however, […] Read more