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Rain causes extreme haying delays

CNS Canada –– Excessive rain and high humidity over the past few weeks are causing major problems for haying operations in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. “We should be well underway in our progress and I think we are far behind right now,” said Leanna Rousell, executive director of the Saskatchewan Forage Council. The majority of Saskatchewan […] Read more

This map shows total precipitation in Alberta so far this growing season (up to June 21) compared to the long-term average. The Peace and northern regions have seen average to well-above-average amounts of precipitation so far this growing season. In the central and southern regions, eastern sections have seen near-average amounts while western regions have been dry to very dry.

Clearing up the confusion about humidity

The term ‘relative humidity’ is commonly used, but most people 
don’t know what it means and why it’s misleading

Reading Time: 4 minutes As we move into the heart of summer and with all this moisture around in many regions, I think it’s time to revisit one misunderstood concept — humidity. To be more specific, we are going to look at exactly what humidity is, how we measure it, and how it is reported and interpreted. The simplest definition […] Read more

Keep watch: How to spot the warning signs of a tornado

Keep watch: How to spot the warning signs of a tornado

A dark area between the storm and the ground, a green tint to the sky, and a line of swirling clouds are all danger signs

Reading Time: 3 minutes This next topic in our look at different types of severe summer weather is severe thunderstorms, and in particular, high winds. When we think of severe thunderstorms one word that should make you worried and nervous is tornado. While tornadoes are the most destructive feature that can occur within a thunderstorm, they are fairly rare, with […] Read more