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Yellow mustard bids solid

MarketsFarm — Yellow mustard bids remain solid in Western Canada, which should encourage acres this spring. “Yellow mustard started firming up after harvest,” said Walter Dyck of Olds Products. Poor conditions and quality concerns in the fall provided some of the support at that time, with top end bids still holding around 40 cents/lb. Brown […] Read more

Variable yields supportive for mustard prices

MarketsFarm — Statistics Canada’s principal field crop production report last week estimated a significant drop in Canada’s 2019 mustard production. In September, the agency estimated Canadian mustard would total about 141,000 tonnes. However, due to challenging growing conditions and a slight reduction in acreage, the StatsCan estimates released Friday were revised downward to 134,600 tonnes. […] Read more

Saskatchewan mustard crop poised for strong finish

MarketsFarm — Mustard crops in southwestern and south-central Saskatchewan may have received enough rain to turn themselves around after a dry spring. “The area south of Highway 1 saw a lot of rain this year,” said Kevin Hursh, executive director of the Saskatchewan Mustard Development Commission. “They’ve seen a huge turnaround in their crop potentials.” […] Read more

Mustard seeding to drop with higher stocks, competition

CNS Canada — Stockpiles of mustard are likely to put a squeeze on the number of acres seeded in Canada this year, especially as the commodity competes price-wise with canola. Olds Products, North America’s second-biggest mustard manufacturer, has started contracting acres in Alberta, Saskatchewan, North Dakota and Montana. Seed division manager Walter Dyck expects less […] Read more

Mustard prices feeling squeeze from acreage data

CNS Canada — Mustard prices are moving lower in anticipation of higher acres in Canada this year, a market participant says. “I think the increase in acres off of last year will definitely have an influence on prices. I think it already has,” said Walter Dyck of Olds Products. Last year, Canadian farmers planted 345,000 […] Read more

Low acres, high prices expected to continue for mustard

CNS Canada –– Canadian mustard production will likely see an upward bump in 2016, according to one buyer, but seeded acres won’t increase exponentially, despite strong prices. “It’s not going to be a big bounce-back year like we’ve had in the past whenever spot prices have increased like they have,” said Walter Dyck of Olds […] Read more

Mustard prices still high heading into harvest

CNS Canada –– The mustard market has been moving steadily higher in recent months, reacting to projections for reduced yield from Statistics Canada, which could spur selling straight out of harvest, one buyer says. Mustard prices gained throughout July and August, said Walter Dyck, a buyer for Olds Products. That’s largely due to estimates from […] Read more