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Spotted knapweed thrives in harsh conditions.

Don’t let this on your rangeland

Reading Time: < 1 minute Spotted knapweed has been reported in many areas of the province, especially ones with lots of vehicle traffic. Calgary, major highways, and border crossings are just a few areas with high densities of this prohibited noxious weed. The plant skeletons get caught in vehicle undercarriages, contributing to its spread. It also thrives in disturbed sites […] Read more

Himalayan balsam can launch seeds five metres from the parent plant.

Invader blasts its way into wet areas

Reading Time: < 1 minute Himalayan balsam can be spotted in a number of municipalities across Alberta, and is especially common in flower beds. Before it was listed as a prohibited noxious weed, Himalayan balsam was a very popular ornamental. It was even readily available in greenhouses. Himalayan balsam is incredibly invasive in wet areas — mature seed capsules explode […] Read more

smartphone app

Smartphone app helps farmers scout for Alberta’s noxious weeds

App allows farmers to identify noxious weeds and report them to their local municipal fieldmen

Reading Time: 2 minutes Need help identifying a noxious weed? Of course, there’s an app for that. “Most people have a phone with them at any given time,” said Jeff Fleischer, a member of the communications committee for the Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen. “We prepared the app so that people could have a list of all of the […] Read more