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mussell samples on display

Alarm bells ringing in Alberta as invasive mussels move west

The arrival of the devastating invaders in Manitoba has led to mandatory inspections here

Reading Time: 3 minutes Alberta introduced tough new legislation last month requiring mandatory boat inspections — a ramping up of the effort to keep zebra and quagga mussels out of the province. But officials admit that what’s really needed is public buy-in — and a little luck — to keep these devastating waterway invaders at bay. “If we ‘miss […] Read more

Quagga mussels from Lake Mead, Nevada.

Officials warn of threat of invasive mussels in irrigation reservoirs

Last year, seven boats with Zebra or Quagga mussels were discovered in the province, 
setting off alarm bells about the threat to the irrigation system

Reading Time: 2 minutes It was a close call and prompted provincial officials to warn boaters to take care and not inadvertently bring invasive mussels into the province. Seven boats with Zebra or Quagga mussels were discovered in the province last year, and officials said they would cause havoc if ever introduced into the province’s irrigation reservoirs. “We have […] Read more