Latest bovine TB investigation includes Alberta

An investigation that came after a B.C. cow tested positive for bovine TB in November has reached Alberta.

The CFIA has been tracing animals that have entered (trace-ins) or left (trace-outs) the B.C. herd over the past five years.

As of mid-December, six other operations in B.C. and Alberta had been placed under movement controls while they are undergoing or awaiting testing.

In its e-newsletter, Alberta Beef Producers said “there will be more herds in Alberta identified as trace-ins or trace-outs that will need to be tested in the new year. This does not represent an escalation of the investigation but is a normal part of disease investigation operations.”

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Close-up view of a brown and white Hereford cow's eye. Only part of the cow's head and ear are visible in this image.

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