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The surprising hazard lurking at your feet

Slips and trips are commonplace ingredients in a large number of workplace accidents

Working safely with equipment gets a lot of attention — and rightly so — when it comes to preventing accidents on the farm. But there are also major hazards lurking by your feet, and this, too, is something you should think about before starting any building project on the farm. Falls account for one in […] Read more

Opening up use of preg check ultrasound

The Alberta Veterinary Medical Association is again surveying its members on whether registered veterinary technologists should be allowed to conduct beef cattle pregnancy detection using ultrasound. In 2012, the association’s food animal advisory committee recommended such a move, but ABVMA members were not supportive. Last year, the committee again recommended allowing veterinary technologists to use […] Read more

Tired of providing a hay lunch for the neighbourhood?

Hay yards are magnets for elk and deer, but 3D fencing can be a lower-cost way to keep them out

A long winter coupled with a late and dry start to spring has stretched feed supplies across Alberta. Which means any loss of hay to wildlife last winter was especially painful. To avoid that grief — or at least lessen it — many producers on the Prairies have turned to three-dimensional fencing. Unlike typical fencing, […] Read more

Alberta 4-H’ers medal at national science fair

A trio of young Albertans were medalists at the recent Canada-Wide Science Fair. About 2,500 students from across the country compete to get into the fair, with just over 400 chosen for the event, which was held in Ottawa this year. Three Albertans won bronze at the intermediate level — Lara and Liesl Stewart along […] Read more

Mandatory equine infectious anemia testing being considered

An equine infectious anemia (EIA) working group is proposing improvements to the current program for controlling the federally reportable disease. One of its key recommendations is that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency implement mandatory EIA testing for certain movements of horses in Western Canada. EIA can be difficult to detect, as loss of co-ordination may […] Read more

Camera on new weather satellite has a glitch

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is trying to figure out what has gone wrong with a key component of its newly launched GOES-17 weather satellite. The satellite has a high-resolution camera called the Advanced Baseline Imager that monitors things such as cloud formation, ocean dynamics, and vegetative growth. But the cooling system that is […] Read more

‘Do More Ag’ mental health initiative for farmers receives grant

A new non-profit focused on destigmatizing mental illness in the agriculture industry and offering resources designed specifically for farmers has received a $20,000 grant from Bayer Canada. The Do More Agriculture Foundation was co-founded by Saskatchewan farmers Lesley Rae Kelly and Kim Keller earlier this year. “The support from Bayer will allow The Do More […] Read more

Latest Alberta wildfire info available at one website

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry has a dedicated website with news and information on wildfires. The Alberta Wildfire website has a Wildfire Status map that is updated throughout the day and provides an overall look at the current wildfire situation across the province. The map also includes links to updates from the province’s 10 forest areas. […] Read more

Fourth case of equine infectious anemia

Another case of equine infectious anemia, the fourth this year, has been confirmed in Alberta by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The horse in Clearwater County (west of Red Deer) had not been displaying any symptoms, but was sampled by a vet to comply with an organized club’s requirements. The Office of the Chief Provincial […] Read more

Plan your summer break now — you’ll be happy you did

Can’t keep track of all the fairs, festivals, and summer happenings in rural Alberta? Of course, there’s an app for that — just visit this page and download the Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies app. At last count, there were more than 120 event listings at, stretching from May right through to Christmas. Summer […] Read more