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Hog producers learning how to get the most out of group housing

Animal welfare concerns about gestation stalls have driven the move to group housing, 
but researcher says productivity doesn’t have to suffer

While the adoption of group sow housing was driven by consumers, the pork sector isn’t skipping a beat when it comes to making it work. “Through science, we have been able to show that you can achieve comparable, if not better, productivity through the group housing setting,” swine behaviour and welfare scientist Yolande Seddon told […] Read more

Hog producers taking a hit as prices plunge once again

The low dollar is taking away some of the pain caused by a big increase in the American pig herd

The roller-coaster ride for hog producers has once again taken a steep downward plunge. “Prices really started to slide a couple of months ago,” said Marcel Rupert, who has an 800-sow farrow-to-finish operation north of Drumheller. And they may have a ways to go. The price of feeder pigs is a leading indicator in the […] Read more

University of Saskatchewan develops vaccine for PED

It has taken Saskatchewan veterinary researchers less than a year to develop, test and prototype a vaccine for PEDv, a devastating hog disease that has killed more than eight million pigs and cost pork producers $400 million worldwide. PEDv hit the United States in 2013 and spread to Canada in 2014. It was first discovered […] Read more

Another close call for Alberta’s hog sector

The deadly virus was recently found in a transport trailer that was supposed to have been disinfected before crossing the border

Alberta hog producers are being warned to stay vigilant following the recent discovery of the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus in a livestock trailer. The “weak” positive sample was found in a trailer during routine monitoring several weeks ago. “What it means for us is that we are still being exposed to the PED virus through […] Read more

Fewer downers being shipped, says hog exchange

An undercover video showing abuse has prompted widespread changes at the hog assembly yard

The Red Deer hog assembly yard at the heart of animal abuse allegations almost two years ago has seen industry-wide improvements in animal handling. “Since the Mercy for Animals incident, we have made significant strides in improving our level of animal care and husbandry,” said Brent Moen, chair of the Western Hog Exchange. “And I […] Read more

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New PED threat ‘a crisis moment,’ says Alberta Pork

Prairie pork boards say swine trailers coming from U.S. must be washed and disinfected here

Not requiring hog trailers coming from the U.S. to be washed and disinfected at certified Canadian wash sites is a “a crisis moment for the Canadian swine industry,” says Alberta Pork. The organization joined its western Canadian counterparts in a last-ditch effort to persuade the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to extend a federally approved trailer-wash […] Read more

University of Alberta-led swine study tackles next health frontier

Study focuses on using genomic tools to protect swine exposed to multiple disease threats

If Canada is going to maintain a successful position in the global pork marketplace, swine health and animal care promises to be one of the deciding factors. Sustainable production and competitive pricing will be priorities and swine health and welfare is both a social requirement and necessity for sustainable production. Porcine health management represents a […] Read more

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Funding available for swine biocontainment plans

Alberta Pork’s biocontainment plan will help the swine industry control disease in an outbreak situation

To minimize the impact of serious disease on the swine industry, Alberta Pork has a new biocontainment plan that is available for all swine producers. The biocontainment program was launched in conjunction with Growing Forward 2 last month and provides Alberta swine producers with $600 to develop a biocontainment plan with the help of their […] Read more

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Pig producers warned to be on the lookout

Seneca Valley virus is a concern because its symptoms are the same as those for foot-and-mouth

If you see blisters around the mouth, hoof, or nose of your pigs, you need to call your veterinarian immediately. Seneca Valley virus, which causes these blisters, is a swine disease that has recently become more prevalent in the U.S. “Seneca Valley virus is a concern because you can’t distinguish it from the really scary […] Read more