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Alberta’s newest meadery takes a different approach

Alberta’s newest meadery is doing things a little differently. Along with a traditional honey wine, Tamarack Jack’s Honey and Meadery also produces a variation that might tempt those who prefer a brewskie to the so-called ‘drink of the gods.’ “We are a small apiary turned into a meadery just recently,” Katie Kingdon, manager of the […] Read more

Keep calm — and stay on the left — when working cattle

Nebraska veterinarian says the top priority is to demonstrate that people — a.k.a. ‘coyotes’ — are not really a threat

Stay on the left side of cattle and treat them right. That was demonstrated by Dr. Kip Lukasiewicz during a live animal-handling session at the Canadian Beef Industry Conference. “People create the interaction and the guidance,” said the Nebraska veterinarian and consultant who often works with feedlots on animal handling and facility design. What’s important […] Read more

There’s lots of money being left on the packing plant floor

Quality defects exceed $60 per head and reducing those losses will boost the bottom line for producers, says expert

National Beef Quality audits prove that Canadian beef is pretty darn good. But they also show that producers could be putting more money in their wallets by reducing defects that show up at the packing plant, says Mark Klassen, director of technical services with the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association. The last audit, conducted in 2010-11, found […] Read more

Up and down is becoming the norm for Canadian beef producers

Demand for beef is strong and prices have been good for cow-calf producers, but the market is increasingly volatile

The markets can be a roller-coaster, but one thing is for sure — the Canadian cattle herd is not expanding. “Heifer retention numbers are not enough to drive any expansion across Canada,” Brian Perillat, manager/senior analyst with Canfax said at the recent Canadian Beef Industry Conference. Fewer cattle are being shipped south of the border […] Read more

Efforts to keep out invasive mussels working — for now

A dozen contaminated boats have been found so far this year 
and officials warn zebra and quagga mussels 
are cunning hitchhikers

Zebra and quagga mussels are not in Alberta yet, but the threat continues to grow. “This is becoming a huge issue in our world — the more we travel and carry things around — whether we know it or not,” said Janine Higgins, community engagement lead with Alberta Environment and Parks. The two invasive species, […] Read more

Is this the year that winter wheat makes a comeback?

Squeezing winter wheat seeding into a crammed harvest period is usually a big issue

Will there be an upswing in winter wheat acres this year? One of the biggest drawbacks is timing — you have to get your spring-seeded crop off the field before sowing winter wheat. But that won’t be as big an issue in a big chunk of Alberta this year. An estimated 508,000 acres were never […] Read more

Here’s the beef — marketing agency reports on its efforts here and abroad

New chief marketer for Canada Beef has a lengthy list of promotional work, 
and plans to do much more

The new chief marketer for Canadian beef has plenty to keep him busy. Francis Andres, Canada Beef’s new executive vice-president, had a lengthy report on the agency’s promotional work in the past year. Andres — who counts stints with Safeway, Saputo, and Kraft Foods in his lengthy resumé — was hired in May just as […] Read more

Canada ready to make ‘bold statement’ with sustainable beef program

After years of effort and unprecedented industry collaboration, 
a national sustainable beef program is poised for rollout

The long process to create a Canadian ‘sustainable beef’ program is nearing the finish line. “We will be launching in December a national framework — this is go time,” said Cherie Copithorne-Barnes, a Calgary-area rancher and chair of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. The effort to make Canada a world leader in producing cattle […] Read more

Farmers’ markets allowed to offer local beer

Craft breweries and local distilleries excited by the chance to introduce their products to a wider range of Albertans

Shoppers at provincially approved farmers’ markets can now crack open a brew or sip a bit of vodka. “We’re really excited with the news. It offers us the chance to expand our customer base and reach out to different sales channels,” said Marty Shaw, general manager of Ribstone Creek Brewery in Edgerton. The move puts […] Read more

Trump has been good for agriculture, says top U.S. cattle official

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association says the U.S. president is ‘getting a lot of stuff done for agriculture’

When it comes to agriculture, President Donald Trump is doing a crackerjack job, says a senior official with the top U.S. cattle association. “If you listen to the media, it’s nothing but conversations about Russia, South Korea and the overall general hatred for people who just don’t like Donald Trump,” said Colin Woodall, senior vice-president […] Read more