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Canada is now producing some of the world’s best craft beer — but having a bear on the label or a little maple syrup in the recipe doesn’t hurt either, say Jeff Orr (left) and Don Tse of Far Out Exporters.

Calgary beer lovers create business to bring craft beer to the world

Along with great malt and fresh water, brewers here have quickly become elite at their craft

Reading Time: 3 minutes Alberta has seen its craft beer industry boom in the last 10 years — and now a trio of three entrepreneurs want the world to know what provincial craft brewers have to offer. “Canada has a global reputation for its clear skies and clean water,” said Don Tse, a beer writer and consultant who operates […] Read more

First-year veterinary students from the University of Calgary tour W.A. Ranches in 2019. A new program funded by the Canadian Cattlemen’s Foundation aims to bring more young people, including those with no exposure to agriculture and farming, to the working ranch.

W.A. Ranches hoping to reel in youth

U of Calgary’s working cattle ranch viewed as an ideal setting to showcase farming to young people

Reading Time: 3 minutes [UPDATED: June 22, 2021] Get them when they’re young. That’s the new strategy from the Canadian Cattlemen’s Foundation and the University of Calgary’s W.A. Ranches when it comes to attracting youth to the beef industry. And there’s no better way to get people interested in the beef industry than letting them get onto a ranch, […] Read more

You may have only got up close and personal to fababeans at a field day (such as Canolapalooza in Lacombe in 2019) but the pulse may soon be more widely grown — especially if aphanomyces limits the ability to grow peas and lentils every three or four years.

What can you grow if root rot kicks out peas and lentils?

You may need an eight-year break between those crops, but there are some other pulses to consider

Reading Time: 5 minutes With aphanomyces threatening peas and lentils, what can producers do to keep pulses in the rotation? Pulse growers are being urged to go up to eight years between plantings of either peas or lentils, which dominate pulse acres in the province. “Our susceptible crops are pea and lentil and, to a lesser extent, dry bean. […] Read more

The first-born is soon joined by its sisters and brothers (see further down), all with impressively large claws.

A bird’s-eye view of majestic raptors

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you’re on the internet and looking around for something to interest the kids, why not check out Alberta Conservation Association’s ferruginous hawk cam? The ferruginous hawks, which live on nesting platforms in the Milk River area, have been on camera since 2018 and viewers have seen some cool things, such as parents feeding the […] Read more

Tracking down cattle thieves is one thing, but having enough evidence to lay charges is another, says Cpl. Lindsey Anderson.

Wherever there are cows, there could be cattle thieves lurking

Cattle rustling is fairly common in Alberta, so take some simple steps to protect yourself, says investigator

Reading Time: 3 minutes The ugly truth about cattle rustling is that it’s fairly common in Alberta. “Every year, we have more calves stolen,” RCMP livestock investigator Cpl. Lindsey Anderson said earlier this month. “We were able to charge someone a couple weeks back and get a search warrant to recover some stolen calves. “A lot of times, especially […] Read more

Joe and Helen Doef’s family has grown and so has their greenhouse business. But since partnering with Horseshoe Power on tri-generation, a first for Alberta, Doef’s Greenhouses is expanding by leaps and bounds, says Eric Doef (upper right), one of the operation’s managing partners.

Unique partnership a triple play for Lacombe County greenhouse

Operation taps nearby natural gas for heat and power while capturing and using carbon dioxide

Reading Time: 3 minutes When it comes to running a greenhouse, one of the biggest costs is energy. But a partnership between Doef’s Greenhouses in Lacombe County and an Alberta energy company has changed that equation. “Generally oil and gas went about their thing, and agriculture went about their thing,” said Brad Murray, president of Horseshoe Power, which has […] Read more

The yellow patches indicate that aphanomyces root rot has reached an advanced stage. But even if detected earlier, there’s nothing that can be done save not planting peas in this field for several years.

STACKED DECK: Root rot pathogen holds all the cards

You can’t spray aphanomyces or buy resistant varieties, so longer rotations are the only tool

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hard to spot, impossible to treat, and no resistant varieties. So when aphanomyces root rot does show up, you know you’ve got a long-term problem. “Once you see it, you kind of get scared and realize you’re stuck with it for a bit,” said Bow Island producer Will Müller. Because it is a soil-borne pathogen […] Read more

Root rot on peas — severe infestations can cut yields by 70 per cent while aphanomyces spores can linger in the soil for years.

Aphanomyces could become the new clubroot

Researcher recommends pea and lentil growers consider a seven-year break between crops

Reading Time: 5 minutes If not managed correctly, aphanomyces could be the next clubroot. And since longer rotations are the only effective management tool, pulse growers battling the soil-borne pathogen that causes root rot in peas and lentils could be facing a big-time reshuffling of what they grow. “Our recommendation now is to think about going one in eight […] Read more

People can buy flowers anywhere but the experience of visiting Birchwood Meadows and picking their own is something special, says Cory Christopher.

New enterprise blooms on former grain farm and tree nursery

Reading Time: 3 minutes After grain farming and tree farming, Ron and Debbie Cherdarchuk and son Cory Christopher turned to flower farming. And guess how popular you are these days when you have a landscape full of flowers that you’re willing to share? “The internet, and in particular Pinterest, have created digital envy,” said Cory (who uses Christopher for […] Read more